About Beacon Marine Pvt. Ltd

This company was founded by Mr. Ashok Agrawal – a Chief Engineer Officer – holding MOT Class – I (Steam & Motor) Certificate of competency. The company was founded in 1997 as Beacon Marine; which was turned into a Private Limited company in 2004.

At this time Mr. Aman Ashok Agrawal joined the company as Director. Mr. Aman Ashok Agrawal is an Electronics Engineer having post graduation in Business Management.

Initially the Company was undertaking Delivery Voyages of Merchant Ships / Offshore supply vessels / Tug Boats etc. for Scrapping purposes from the international destinations to Alang. In this process the company delivered over 25 ships from different destinations.

With the passage of time the scope of business increased and company started undertaking deliveries of Brand New Vessels from the Shipyards to different destinations as desired / required by the Buyers of the ships. This included many Tug Boats from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Singapore etc. to India and Indian manufactured vessels from Bhavnagar, Dahej to UK and Oman.

Slowly the company applied and obtained the recruitment and placement license from the DG Shipping, Mumbai and is presently operating under RPSL no.MUM/150.

After having obtained the RPSL – slowly company obtained the regular and continuous manning contract of 3 Nos offshore supply vessels owned by m/s COMACOE LTD and one DP-2 vessel owned by COMACOE LTD and another 2 tug boats of lift and Shift India Pvt. Ltd.

In addition to the above we are also providing manning solutions to various other shipping companies on short contract basis.