Present Activity


Manning Of Vessels Under Our Complete Manning Management

Presently we are manning six vessels consisting of M.S. Class Tug Boats , OSV, MSV, Survey Vessel and DP – II Vessels operating in the Oil fields of East & West Coast of India. In this Category we are providing complete crewing under annual contract and ensuring that the vessels are maintained fully manned all the time as per the Safe manning documents. The Officers are crew are paid time to time and the reporting of the crew is done every month to the DG Shipping office as per usual shipping office rules.

We have spare capacity available in this section and solicit inquiries from potential ship owners to avail this facility with us.


Deliveries Of Demo Vessels / New Constructions To National / International Destinations

We had been involved in the deliveries of vessels for demolition purposes from International destinations to ALANG , Gujrat , India., and also of newly constructed vessels from the Shipyards from across the world to Indian destinations for Indian Buyers.

In this section we provide the following facilities depending on the buyer's requirements.In this section we provide the following facilities depending on the buyer's requirements.

» Providing complete / part Crewing  
» Victualling  
» Supply of Kitchen Utensils  
» Supply of Linen & other desk stores  
» Assistance in obtaining delivery voyage permission from the Flag Administration. Including supply of charts, Navigational equipments & publications


Coastal Delivery Voyages

In this section we again provide all the above services full / part as per client's requirements. This is mostly used by Inland vessels during port to port voyages.


Provisions of top Six Officers which are extremely difficult to get most of the times ; are abundantly available in our database and we extend this service to all our clients as and when required.

Dear Clients:-

We solicit your inquiries to avail our services in all the above fields and we guarantee complete satisfaction and a long terms association. We have a fully trained office staff who will provide you one stop solution to your crew requirements and also will assist you solving your doubts about IMO requirements connected with crewing.